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Special Buildings

ShLa13smallShLa38smallLidgLa08smallLidgLa10smallHgtRdS32smallHgtRdS43smallBntclfDr03smallWhbrCr23smallHgtRdS17smallFig 3 71smallIn working toward our Neighbourhood Design Statement for Moortown we were struck by the number and diversity of interesting and important buildings in the area, often older ones relating to early Moor Allerton, but not exclusively so. We have two listed buildings in the area, but should like to see consideration given to protecting a large number of others, some of which are illustrated below.HgtRdN22small

 Do you know where all of these are? Do you think they are worthy of protection? Are there others you think should be on the list (this is not our complete list)?


Do you want to help compile a list of our best buildings and work to get them protected? Let us know.




A milestone on the Leeds-Harrogate road from the 19th Century. The milestone had been partially covered by successive layers of pavement resurfacing and the group arranged for the milestone to be raised and restored in 2011.