Moortown Community Group




Friends group for local woodland and pond

Moortown has little by way of green space and the few patches of relatively wild land that remain are not as enjoyable for the public as they might be.


RngRd06smallAddyman01smallThere are two strips of woodland along the Ring Road, from Harrogate Rd to Shadwell La (Shadwell Lane plantation) and from Shadwell Walk to Roundhay Park (Addyman Wood), both publicly owned and both having paths through which people may walk. The paths are not accessible to pushchairs or wheelchairs, there is quite a lot of litter (though local residents often take it on themselves to remove some), boundaries are not well maintained and a lot more could be made of them.


We need a group of volunteers to work on a plan to improve these woodland areas with LCC Parks and Countryside. Such Friends groups have proved successful in Gledhow Valley Woods, Gipton Wood and at other sites.


The pond in Southlands Drive is a little gem. We don't know who looks after it, but we should like to be able to help, by way of a Friends group.


Interested in wildlife, parks, ecology? Let us know.