Moortown Community Group




Improvements to shopping parades


The conflict between shoppers and the motor car is a major cause of distress and danger at shopping parades, both at Moortown Corner and Stainburn. The southern parade at Moortown Corner is probably the most dangerous of these because of the complete lack of footpath by the shops and cul-de-sac arrangement of the parking. There has been a serious injury from a collision between a car and a pedestrian in 2013.


We have been working with councillors and the ENE Area Team staff to establish a meeting with local traders to agree how to improve the arangement (the space outside the shops is private land and not under the control of the Council).


It is likely that in the short term the southern parade will be freed up for cars to drive through and made one way, but the lack of a footpath remains a worry.


One possiblility in the longer term would be to make a wide footpath by the shops (possibly with a seating area), narrow the road, reduce or remove the footpath currently at the roadside and make parking spaces directly accessible from the road.


Have you got skills in highway or transport planning, design skills, business, legal or other abilities to bring to bear on this problem? Let us know.