Moortown Community Group




Litter picking

Several people from the community have offered to pick litter in particular areas of Moortown and if anyone else is prepared to do so on an individual basis then Moortown Community Group will support them.

Farmers Market

Farmers markets held in Oakwood, Meanwood and Headingley are popular and well attended. Our surveys of  opinion in Moortown indicate that many residents and traders would like to see one held in our area. This could enhance the centre, bringing more people to local shops, offering local people a wider variety of good quality produce and making another opportunity for people to meet.


If you would like to help make this happen, let us know.

Friends group for local woodland and pond

Moortown has little by way of green space and the few patches of relatively wild land that remain are not as enjoyable for the public as they might be.


RngRd06smallAddyman01smallThere are two strips of woodland along the Ring Road, from Harrogate Rd to Shadwell La (Shadwell Lane plantation) and from Shadwell Walk to Roundhay Park (Addyman Wood), both publicly owned and both having paths through which people may walk. The paths are not accessible to pushchairs or wheelchairs, there is quite a lot of litter (though local residents often take it on themselves to remove some), boundaries are not well maintained and a lot more could be made of them.


We need a group of volunteers to work on a plan to improve these woodland areas with LCC Parks and Countryside. Such Friends groups have proved successful in Gledhow Valley Woods, Gipton Wood and at other sites.


The pond in Southlands Drive is a little gem. We don't know who looks after it, but we should like to be able to help, by way of a Friends group.


Interested in wildlife, parks, ecology? Let us know.

Campaign to enhance civic pride

Litter is and has been a source of complaint everywhere and probably for all time. Everyone (just about) likes to walk in a clean, tidy, attractive environment. Dog fouling is unpleasant and unhygienic. Blockage of footpaths with parked cars and vans, overgrown hedges or wheelie bins, prevents those in wheel chairs, or with pushchairs from getting past without going into the road. Repeated parking on grass verges turns them into a quagmire and uncaring parking can lead some people to be unable to get their vehicle in or out of their property.


So what can be done?


All these issues can be boiled down to the degree to which individuals care for others around them: the degree to which they are prepared to put the good of others ahead of their own convenience. We should like to develop a campaign to enhance civic pride in our area, encouraging good practice, rewarding those who help to make and keep Moortown an attractive place to live and work. The proposal might take the form of a public relations campaign, vigorous pursuance of existing legislation (currently not well enforced), active intervention, such as litter picking parties. We need someone to take this on.


If you would like to help make this happen let us know.

Improvements to shopping parades


The conflict between shoppers and the motor car is a major cause of distress and danger at shopping parades, both at Moortown Corner and Stainburn. The southern parade at Moortown Corner is probably the most dangerous of these because of the complete lack of footpath by the shops and cul-de-sac arrangement of the parking. There has been a serious injury from a collision between a car and a pedestrian in 2013.


We have been working with councillors and the ENE Area Team staff to establish a meeting with local traders to agree how to improve the arangement (the space outside the shops is private land and not under the control of the Council).


It is likely that in the short term the southern parade will be freed up for cars to drive through and made one way, but the lack of a footpath remains a worry.


One possiblility in the longer term would be to make a wide footpath by the shops (possibly with a seating area), narrow the road, reduce or remove the footpath currently at the roadside and make parking spaces directly accessible from the road.


Have you got skills in highway or transport planning, design skills, business, legal or other abilities to bring to bear on this problem? Let us know.