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Transport - Getting around in Moortown

Transport in Moortown



Why not try walking instead of using your car for short journeys. It is free,  can be enjoyable, keeps you fit and helps you play your role in reducing  congestion, air pollution and carbon emissions.  It avoids the hassle of finding somewhere to park and getting stuck in traffic.


Walking can have health benefits.  It is ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels who want to be more active. Regular walking has been shown to reduce the risk of chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, asthma, stroke and some cancers

Walking can help keep you fit: 20  minutes a day each day can be the equivalent of a 7 mile walk each week, and you’ll hardly notice it ! Why not leave your car behind and walk to the bus stop and you’ll soon start to add up the miles !


More information on the benefits of walking can be found here :-
NHS choices information
Information on walking schemes

Walkit the urban walk planner

Moortown also benefits from some lovely countryside nearby. There is a good network of footpaths just north of Leeds around Eccup and Harewood, and most of it is accessible by bus (service 36).  Roundhay Park is also close by (bus service 2) as well  as the countryside around Shadwell (bus service 7S). Gledhow Valley also offers lovely walking opportunities.
There are a number of walking clubs in Leeds and these include the Leeds  CHA and the Ramblers Association.


Keeping footpaths / pavements clear is important, particularly in built up areas. We can all help to keep footpaths clear by not parking vehicles on them and keeping them clear of wheelie bins and other obstructions (such as overhanging hedges).  This is especially important to help those with prams, pushchairs or wheelchairs and those with limited mobility.




If you want to get a bit further and more quickly and want to leave your car behind, why not use a bike.


Like walking cycling also keeps you fit and helps you play your role in reducing  congestion, air pollution and carbon emissions. Using minor roads avoids mixing with heavy traffic, and can often be just as quick.


Leeds City Council have produced a cycle route map for Moortown.
You can obtain more information on the Leeds cycling network, and download a map of the Leeds core cycling network (link broken) and the North Leeds cycle network.


Since you are on the public highway it is important that the highway code is adhered to and that account is taken of the hazards of traffic. Find out about how you can learn more about safe cycling.

Traffic management and highways

Moortown is crossed by principal roads.

Traffic congestion on these roads can at times be high, especially in the morning and evening peak and during the school run period. You can help reduce congestion by reducing use of the car and instead walking, cycling or using public transport whenever  possible. You can also help reduce congestion and money by car sharing.
Why not encourage your children to walk to school, perhaps as a group. This will not only reduce congestion,  saves  you money, and gives your children much needed exercise.


Parking is an issue in many parts of Moortown, quite simply because many roads were never designed for the present high level of car ownership. We can all help here by making sure we park properly and avoiding situations where pavements are blocked and grass verges damaged.


If you are considering paving over you garden to provide additional parking space remember that it is important that the additional run off does not run directly into your drains. This is to help prevent flooding elsewhere.

Public transport

Moortown is served by many bus routes.  


Buses provide direct services  to the city centre, west Leeds, Roundhay, Oakwood, Harehills, Harewood , Harrogate and Ripon. From Harrogate you can travel to places like Knaresborough and Pately Bridge.
From the city centre you have access to national rail services, national coach services,  local rail and bus services and links to the east coast and the Dales.

Here you can see the network of bus travel opportunities in Moortown.


Find out here where to catch your bus, and when the next bus is due


(Then Add links at each bus A, B, C, D to show live departures)
Bus stop A
Bus stop B
Bus stop C
Bus stop D Not yet available

Public transport timetables for West Yorkshire can be obtained from the Metro website
You can also obtain the following bus timetables here :
Service 2
Service 7A
Service 7S
Service 48
Service 36

Other public transport infomation

Information about services from Harrogate to Pately Bridge, Knaresborough

National rail services
Current departures and arrivals from Leeds station.
Bus stations in West Yorkshire
Bus and train services to the Dales