Moortown Community Group




Festive Lights


A late Autumn celebration




Since 2011 we have held a celebration at the time that the Festive Lights have been turned on in Moortown.


We put up a gazebo outside Transform and served mulled wine, mince pies and fruit juice and biscuits for the children. About 150 people turned out and were entertained by a local group of Brownies singi

ng. Everything was great except that the noise of the generator rather drowned the singing.





We repeated the exercise, this time with Finger Chimes and a four-piece band. Again there was a wonderful turnout and everyone enjoyed it immensely, but again the generator drowned the music.









 We decided to give ourselves a little more room and move to the pavement outside Craggs new shop and we invested, with the help of a grant from LCC, in battery-operated lights so that we did not need a generator. Our sponsors were as generous as previously and we had booked a musician to play guitar and sing.

However, on the night, contrary to weather forecasts earlier in the day, we were hit by 30mph winds and driving sleet, which persisted till long after the lights were turned on. The gazebo had to be taken down, the music was cancelled and those that turned up (about 20 amazingly) sheltered under the awning outside the Kosherie. And it was still fun!


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We had a fantastic turn out in 2014, with well over 100 adults and children coming along to enjoy the night. We gave away over 100 biscuits and 100 mince pies and many many litres of orange juice and mulled wine! People were very generous and we had a record breaking collection - which really helps the MCG to continue supporting the positive development of Moortown.



The events have been sponsored by:

  • Leeds City Council (through a Well-Being Fund grant, awarded by local Ward Members through the Inner North East Area Committee)
  • We are also very grateful to Marks and Spencer for donation of the mince pies and mulled wine
  • and to Cooplands for the biscuits.