Moortown Community Group




Campaign to enhance civic pride

Litter is and has been a source of complaint everywhere and probably for all time. Everyone (just about) likes to walk in a clean, tidy, attractive environment. Dog fouling is unpleasant and unhygienic. Blockage of footpaths with parked cars and vans, overgrown hedges or wheelie bins, prevents those in wheel chairs, or with pushchairs from getting past without going into the road. Repeated parking on grass verges turns them into a quagmire and uncaring parking can lead some people to be unable to get their vehicle in or out of their property.


So what can be done?


All these issues can be boiled down to the degree to which individuals care for others around them: the degree to which they are prepared to put the good of others ahead of their own convenience. We should like to develop a campaign to enhance civic pride in our area, encouraging good practice, rewarding those who help to make and keep Moortown an attractive place to live and work. The proposal might take the form of a public relations campaign, vigorous pursuance of existing legislation (currently not well enforced), active intervention, such as litter picking parties. We need someone to take this on.


If you would like to help make this happen let us know.