Moortown Community Group




About Moortown Community Group

What we do

…improve planning decisions
     - we produced a Neighbourhood Design Statement
     - commenting on planning applications
     - advising prospective developers


…work (with others) to develop Moortown Park


…enhance the existing public spaces

     - planting and litter clearance


…lobby for better transport


…lobby for improvements at shopping areas, particularly concerning conflict between pedestrians and cars


Who we are


All residents of Moortown are eligible to join. There are no membership fees.



Jayne Deeble

Jon Doyle

Margaret Farrar

Joan Hick (Moortown in Bloom)
Kevin McDonnell 

Trishna Rycroft

Chris Sowerby

Rob Speed

Richard Spencer

Richard Voss

Matthew Wallington 


We are always keen for new committee members to join us, please contact us and we'll invite you to our next meeting